Dave is about moving people from Point A to Point B.  "It is such a huge deal to buy, sell, move.  Our lives are divided by the milestones of where we live."  His own life is divided up by living in the Bay Area suburbs, on Valley St., on Laidly St., and New York City.  "Even though I buy and sell homes myself all the time - it's still a big deal.  It has to work out just right."  Having been a college teacher and administrator for nearly 20 years, Dave has always been about Point A to Point B.  "I think the confidence that I had in people who helped me move along is my draw to helping people.  It's just all so much better when you know you're in good hands and getting good advice."  Dave has sold hundreds and hundreds of homes over the past dozen or so years.

Although Dave is successful at real estate, he is lousy in most other areas.  "I've had people give up trying to teach me golf."   He proudly states he can waterski, but only for about ten minutes before his muscles give out.  During snow skiing season he specializes in "Lodge Reconnaissance."

Some bullet points...

  • Investor for over 25 years
  • SF luxury property expert
  • Sold hundreds and hundreds of properties
  • Included in the top 1% of all agents in the nation
  • 25 point marketing plan customized for each client
  • Top 100 at Coldwell Banker
  • Teaches property valuation

Dave really does pride himself on better service.  Read a bit of the testimonials and we think you'll agree.

Brian Leonard

Whenever one moves to a new town, there's always a critical need to find local professionals to assist and advise you through important life situations.  For instance, a dentist that will keep your smile looking its best, or a mechanic you can trust to shoot you straight about what your car needs.  When I moved to the city where I bought my first home, I knew I needed a good real estate agent.  Having served in the capacity of an agent almost my entire professional life, I knew I was not only looking for someone knowledgeable and trustworthy, I was looking for an advocate.  Someone who listens and understands my needs, then works in my best interests to help me accomplish my goals.
Being an advocate is what attracted me most to becoming an agent.  In college, my degree and primary areas of study were psychology and economics.  I came to discover that the duties and responsibilities inherent in agency harmoniously combined my love for working with people with my interest in doing good business.  As a Bay Area native, my love for San Francisco, its neighborhoods, and charm ultimately led me to apply my skills to the real estate industry.  I revel in bringing a buyer and seller together, and negotiating the best terms for bestowing a home from one owner to the next.  As a property owner and investor myself, I've experienced that event from your perspective as well.  Getting the right price is key, and being confident in navigating through the entire process is essential to knowing you've made the best decision for your home.
We all need someone in our corner looking out for us when working through those life events that inevitably arise.  You probably already have a mechanic you like and a good dentist...now you have a Realtor.  Let's get together so you can tell me more about you and your needs.  I look forward to working with you!

Philip Antonio

Born and bred in Bay Area. Military Brat - so I moved around a bit also spent over a decade in NYC.  Philip has over 30 years of customer service experience. Twenty plus of those years were spent in the cosmetic industry and as a make-up artist.  His artistry and creative background comes from art training as well as on the job innovation in the visual merchandising field.  For this reason, he often has an eye for what others can not see.