Dave is about moving people from Point A to Point B.  "It is such a huge deal to buy, sell, move.  Our lives are divided by the milestones of where we live."  His own life is divided up by living in the Bay Area suburbs, on Valley St., on Laidly St., and New York City.  "Even though I buy and sell homes myself all the time - it's still a big deal.  It has to work out just right."  Having been a college teacher and administrator for nearly 20 years, Dave has always been about Point A to Point B.  "I think the confidence that I had in people who helped me move along is my draw to helping people.  It's just all so much better when you know you're in good hands and getting good advice."

Dave has sold hundreds and hundreds of homes over the past dozen or so years.  "I do love finding that perfect place or getting the perfect buyer who has fallen in love with my seller's home just as they did when they bought it. It's a never-ending cycle. For buyers, I relish knowing which place my clients will buy before they do. For some reason, about half the time I pick the wrong place on HouseHunters, but I almost always get it right in real life. I suppose that's because I am spending real time with real people in real life."

The "personal" part: Dave taught college and was a college administrator for 20 years. Dave didn't teach Real Estate - he ran a theater department and taught scenery and lighting despite the fact his Master's is mostly in business. He has also worked in the entertainment industry:  Broadway, Las Vegas, and many points in between (including a royal wedding in Abu Dhabi - ask him about it - working for a royal family is a good story). He lives here in SF (Miraloma Park) with his husband and their Havanese, Augie. He spends a bit of time hauling his many grand nieces and nephews around various California lakes on water skis.  One of his favorite things to do is to volunteer at the SFSPCA. This is a dangerous hobby of his - he is totally that guy who would take home six dogs. Check them out at SFSPCA.org - it's a no-kill shelter and adopts out over 5,000 animals a year - that place is a grand machine of life for animals. You can check it out here.

Some bullet points...

  • Investor for over 25 years
  • Sold hundreds and hundreds of properties
  • Included in the top 1% of all agents in the nation
  • Top 100 at Coldwell Banker
  • Teaches property valuation

Dave really does pride himself on better service.  Read a bit of the testimonials and we think you'll agree.

Philip Antonio

Born and bred in Bay Area. Military Brat - so I moved around a bit also spent over a decade in NYC.  Philip has over 30 years of customer service experience. Twenty plus of those years were spent in the cosmetic industry and as a make-up artist.  His artistry and creative background comes from art training as well as on the job innovation in the visual merchandising field.  For this reason, he often has an eye for what others can not see.