I've sold hundreds of homes over the past 10 years. I would love to say I'm "passionate" about real estate like many do, but really I like homes just as much as the next person. They're fun to see. I go to open houses for fun some Sundays - just to look. My husband watches a little too much HouseHunters on HGTV.

What I am passionate about is moving people from one phase of life to the next. Our lives are separated by milestones: births, deaths, and homes. My life is divided up by when I lived on Valley St, on Laidley, when I moved to Encline Ct. etc. It's milestones - and my job is to get people from wherever they are to wherever they are going. That is true satisfaction. Seriously, that rocks - dropping the keys into a client's hands is the best (or getting the keys from a seller who locked the door for the last time!). I think that's a holdover from my teaching college - taking people from where they are and helping to move them to where they are going.

I do love finding that perfect place or getting the perfect buyer who has fallen in love with my seller's home just as they did when they bought it. It's a never-ending cycle. For buyers, I relish knowing which place my clients will buy before they do. For some reason, about half the time I pick the wrong place on HouseHunters, but I almost always get it right in real life. I suppose that's because I am spending real time with real people in real life.

The "personal" part: I taught college and was a college administrator for 20 years. I didn't teach Real Estate - I ran a theater department and taught scenery and lighting despite the fact my Master's is mostly in business. Worked in the entertainment industry post that: Broadway, Las Vegas, and many points in between (including a royal wedding in Abu Dhabi - ask me about it - unbelievable working for a royal family). Live here in SF (Miraloma Park) with my husband and our Havanese, Augie. I spend a bit of time hauling our many grand nieces and nephews around various California lakes on water skis. We camp and we scuba a bit, but not as much as I'd like. I have a pilot's license as well. One of my favorite things to do is to volunteer at the SFSPCA. This is a dangerous hobby of mine - I am totally that guy who would take home six dogs. Check us out at SFSPCA.org - we're a no-kill shelter and adopt out over 5,000 animals a year - that place is a grand machine of life for animals. You can check it out here.

Experience and Specialty

  • Investor for over 25 yearsSold hundreds and hundreds of properties
  • Included in the top 1% of all agents in the nation
  • Top 100 at Coldwell Banker
  • Teaches property valuation
  • No BS - I won't be swooning over the chair rail, I'll be telling you about resale value
  • If you're selling, I'm not sugar-coating: you get the real price and what simple things need to be adjusted.
  • I work SF only though I've lived in the Bay Area nearly all of my life. I only cross bridges for friends and family.
  • Residential up to 4 units. No commercial.
  • Fairly uncanny market predictor - I keep my ear to the ground

Really, I do pride myself on better service. Read a bit of the testimonials via the link below. No, neither I nor my mother wrote them - they're all real!