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Yep - there's the three of our mugshots.  We are a boutique group of three agents.  Not some giant corporation using AI or a buncha bots.  We're three real people who banded together because we saw space in the good service arena of real estate.  So often the service is not so good - in lots of areas of our lives it seems.  We decided to not be that.

Selecting a real estate agent is difficult.  So let me start by saying we hope it is one of us, but it doesn’t have to be, of course.  You’re free to use the site as much as you like even if you are already working with another agent.

Lots of people think that selecting an agent is easy.  I would say that’s accurate in some ways – there are lots of agents out there.  The barrier to entering the world of being a real estate agent is not particularly high.  This is of some concern as the level of responsibility is very high - there is a lot of money moving around here.

Most people know what a real estate agent does – they get keys and show houses, right?  Actually, that’s the least of what we do.  Did you know…

    • We review the disclosure package and point out red flags we see whether on the preliminary title, the inspections, or the Transfer Disclosure Statement or any other of the usual hundreds of disclosure pages.  We've read a lot of these and we know what to look for.
    • We connect buyers with lenders.  In a competitive market it’s important that you work with a lender who has a good reputation in the local field – listing agents pick offers that come with good financing – and remember, whenever there is a wrinkle (about 50% of all purchases), 90% of the time it’s with the lender.  Make sure you have someone who can solve the "wrinkle."
    • Most people have selected an area they want to live, but often don’t know that there are other areas that may meet their housing needs better – we widen buyers' horizons on a daily basis.
    • We know homes and sales prices – we can figure out based on a home’s features, benefits, and challenges how much it will likely sell for.  In an era where listing prices have little to do with sale prices, having an agent that can predict this is super important. 
    • Good agents will curate what you get each day in your inbox.  We go through the listings and draw your attention to an exceptional value, or a home that appears to be perfect for you, or homes that appear to have problematic issues.

In the end, you need to find someone that you like and that you trust.  Great agents don’t always give you good news, but they give you the honest truth.