The best thing you can do to start this journey is to get an agent that you are comfortable with because you like and trust them.  There's lots of money moving around here, it's the place your going to live, and it's going to be your community.  This is important.  And you know from your own workplace, some people work very hard and are very good at what they do - and some don't and aren't.  It's your job to figure out who is who before you start this process.

Naturally, I would love your business and I hope you pick us.  All I ask is for a chance at the job (and we're totally all soft sell - that works better in the end) and if we fit - great!  If not, I'm a big kid and will learn to love again.

Topics that are generally covered at our first (Zoom) meeting are:

      1. How much house can I qualify for?
      2. If I want to pay $x per month, with $x down - how much house can I afford?
      3. What neighborhoods should I consider based on my needs and finances?
      4. Do I need to save more down or do I have enough?
      5. Can I get down payment assistance?
      6. What are lenders going to want from me to pre-approve me (and yes, you HAVE to have a pre-approval)?
      7. Do I have to pay for an agent?
      8. How much are closing costs?
      9. When is the best time to buy?

These and, I'm sure, you will have a zillion other questions.  The first Zoom is me answering lots and lots of questions.  But then, real estate is all I know anything about - so I'm appreciative of the opportunity!  In any event, you are welcome to use the site and ask us questions even if you don't use us (this is a little disingenuous - 99% of the people we Zoom with go with us - we give good Zoom!).

The easiest way to get that first meeting is to schedule via the Calendly link below.  If you're a phone/text/email person only, that's OK too - just let me know what's good for you and it will happen.


Dave Leonard
(415) 404-2804
[email protected]