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woman looking suspiciously at her phoneWhy would anyone ever, in their wildest imagination want another Zoom meeting?

We ask ourselves that all the time.  Aren't we all tired of these?  It was so cool - at first.  Then it became a joke "Bill, you have to unmute yourself,"  "Is someone doing the dishes while they're on here?"  Yeah, we get it.  It's not as good as in person.  But who has the time to schelp into an office anymore?  No one.  Not even us.  We all work from home - honestly we're not sure how brokerages are going to survive, they used to provide office space, a copy machine, and a phone.  Hmm...not much of that is needed anymore.

So why do we meet on Zoom?  Because it's easier.  Plain and simple.  No one expects anything fancy on Zoom.  And because Dave hates to dress up.  Brian always wears a tie, Philip usually has something fashion forward on, but Dave is lucky to dress himself in the morning.  And pretty much everyone starts with Dave.

So what happens?  We get to know you.  We listen a lot to what you say.  If it's a couple, we gauge if you both are on the same page.  We find out a lot about you.  Dave's grandmother was incredibly nosy and he's inherited that.  By the time we're done, he'll know the path forward for you.  And if you'd like to take that path, let us know and we'll get you started.

But you don't really care about what Dave does and doesn't know.  You care about what you get out of a Zoom meeting.  So here are some of the most popular questions, and if you ask them - we'll answer them all...

  • I want to keep my monthly payment to $x,xxx per month. What price home will that buy?
  • How much can I get approved for?
  • What will make my offer the winner?
  • Do I have to have a giant down payment?
  • Do I need a pre-approval, and if I do, does it matter who it's from (hint, yes and yes)?
  • Will I save money on taxes by buying a home?
  • What is included in closing costs and how much are they?
  • How much over the list price will I need to offer to get the home?
  • Where in the Bay Area is appreciation on homes the best?
  • I need to be close to....what neighborhood is best for that?
  • How can I find homes that need a little (not a lot) of work?
  • What techniques can I use to get a home that is undervalued?

And really, there are a thousand others (Dave's favorite - I want to buy a house that I can build a legal ADU in a tree in the backyard - is that possible?).  We've hard most of them, but Dave likes it when he gets stumped.  Many years doing this and he still gets stumped occasionally.

The other thing, and this may not seem big, but it is:  you move to Prime status.  Right now, you're probably in New or Qualify, or Active.  Those are all fine.  You'll get listings and all, but really there are lots of you in those statuses.  Prime status clients really are clients - and they get special attention.  

  • Unlimited how-much-do-you-think-this-will-actually-sell-for questions answered.  We do two levels of prediction - rough and detailed.  The rough is pretty good, but the detailed drilldown is the best.  We'll do a lot of math, and come up with a weighted value prediction that is far in excess of what your basic Zestimate is.  It takes into consideration and places value on lots of things that auto-valuators don't (view, condition, construction quality, neighborhood for instance).
  • Off-Market Listings.  We've all heard about off-internet, pocket, and for sale by owner listings.  We comb through them all.  And because we know so much about you, we know which ones to send you and which ones won't work for you.
  • Coming Soon Listings - as soon as they are listed out as coming soon - you get a notice.  They aren't officially on the market yet, but we may be able to see, offer, and buy before the general public.
  • Open House Lists - tailored to exactly what you are looking for.  Open houses are fun at first.  Then they get boring.  We make sure you know about the ones that are based on what works for you - not the zillion homes on the market that won't.  Custom tailored - just for you.

There is no obligation and nothing to lose from an initial consult.  In the end, if you decide to work with someone else, we'll learn to love again.  And you can still use the site, of course.  We hope you'll use us to represent you in your purchase, but sometimes it doesn't work - and the Zoom meeting will help you decide that.

Here's how to get going:  SCHEDULE A ZOOM MEETING