Get the most inexpensive properties sent to you...

We admit, it is tough to get into the San Francisco real estate market. Many clients may not have a lot of cash, but they have energy and they are willing to do work on homes.  Perhaps you want to do some work on a home, flip it, and then buy an even better one!  That is not only a way to get wealthy, it will get you into consecutively better homes.

We provide a service to select clients that publishes the properties that are selling below the median market rate for each district.  The median per square foot sold price is calculated for each district.  Those properties that are priced at least 25% below that amount are sent to these clients.  Due to the specific nature of these searches, these properties are sent via a different portal than is available here.  We custom set you up with a direct link into the MLS with those properties feeding into that portal.

Bear in mind, that there is a reason that these properties are priced low.  They all have some flaw - sometimes curable, sometimes not.  It is up to you to evaluate the property and see if you can help provide the fix that turns it into a gem.  We are happy to provide contacts for various trades that you may use, or perhaps you can do it yourself!

To get these properties, it is necessary to contact us to get you started on your way to building equity the old-fashioned way!  Please contact us and let us know you are interested so we can you add you to the search.  Takes about 15 minutes to get you going.