concord naval weapons station from the air

Over 12,000 Homes to Be Built in Concord:

A Close Look at the Naval Base Redevelopment

Concord is on the brink of an extraordinary transformation. A vision to breathe new life into the former Concord Naval Weapons Station has crystallized into preliminary plans for a vast redevelopment project. This undertaking signifies more than just construction; it symbolizes renewal, growth, and an example of urban development aligned with today's housing and environmental sensibilities. Homebuyers, take note – the landscape of Concord is set to evolve, creating a wealth of opportunities for those looking to put down roots in a vibrant new community.

The Promise of Progress

The redevelopment plan, orchestrated by Brookfield Properties in concert with the City of Concord, paves the way for a sprawling transit-oriented village across 2,300 acres formerly held by the U.S. Navy. This initiative is not just ambitious in scale; it's meticulously crafted to serve a diverse array of needs, catering to individuals and families across the economic spectrum.

With 12,200 homes on the drawing board, 25 percent of which are designated affordable housing, the project is a beacon of hope for homebuyers in California's tight housing market. The plans do not stop at residences alone. The blueprint includes 6 million square feet purposed for offices, shops, and restaurants, alongside 880 acres dedicated to parks and open space. The picture is clear – Concord is set to transform into an exemplar of modern, sustainable living.

A History of Hurdles Overcome

The path leading up to this plan hasn't been without obstacles. Past attempts to redevelop the site have suffered setbacks ranging from labor disagreement to political upheaval. Today's promise of progression is the fruit of hard-earned consensus and alignment, particularly highlighted by a critical labor agreement woven into the current term sheet. This accord bridges between Brookfield and local labor organizations, ensuring the backbone of the project—the workers—are on board and conditions are met for stability and fairness.

From Initial Plans to Concrete Action

The Concord City Council's unanimous approval of Brookfield’s term sheet marks a pivotal first step from ideation to reality. While the document serves as a harbinger of potential contracts to come, it substantiates the collective will—both from the developer and the city—to pull this project through to completion.

Brookfield's commitments are significant, slated to invest $146 million in infrastructure costs and an additional $50 million in added support. The goal is to see a domino effect of progress, from the Navy's environmental cleanup efforts for the land to Brookfield's two-year negotiation with the Navy to transfer the property – a timeframe that Josh Roden, president of Brookfield’s Northern California division, believes they can outpace.

A Future Carved by Community

The redevelopment project, encompassing half of the weapons station's 5,050 acres, is nothing short of a horizon-expanding exercise for Concord and its residents. It represents not just physical reconstruction, but the establishment of a community reflecting our collective values - inclusivity, sustainability, and thoughtful, integrated urban planning.

For potential homeowners, this project offers not only a new place to call home but a stake in the formative stage of a community set to flourish over the coming decades. The very fabric of Concord will evolve, becoming an intricate tapestry woven with new homes, green spaces, commercial hubs, and a commitment to sustainability.

In our day-to-day lives, it's rare to witness the inception of something so consequential. The Concord naval base redevelopment stands as one of those rare opportunities – a chance to be part of a future-defined legacy where vision and action converge to create spaces that resonate with our dreams for better living.

Stay poised, homebuyers, as Concord invites you to be part of its new chapter, presenting an unrivaled chance to thrive in a community built with vision, care, and commitment to longevity.

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