Here’s how this works….

Seeing Homes

Clients tend to like to go to open houses if they can (just easier, no coordinating schedules, etc.) and we’re fine with that.   Sometimes that just isn’t possible, so we schedule a private showing.  Very often clients go to a healthy mix of open houses and private showings.  If you want to offer on a home and we haven’t seen it yet, we will go see it immediately as that is important in our determining the likely sales price range. 

For private showing tours we tend to schedule no more than five homes.  We have discovered that over five have an increasingly lower return value – buyers cannot effectively remember the first one after the sixth.  Better to break it up into multiple trips.  Also, we put the homes in order of when they are available and to reduce driving time as much as possible.  It is important that we be on time for each of our appointments – should we arrive too late, we will be unable to show that home and will have to skip it until the next tour.  Though we would love to ride with you and discuss each house on the way to the next, we are not allowed to transport clients in our cars.

We can not do same day appointments.  It annoys the listing agents and the sellers – this is not a good way to start a relationship with someone you would like to have accept your offer.  Once we have put the tour together, it is sometimes possible to make some changes to it (order, even adding a home) but such changes cannot be guaranteed.  We generally make appointments for private showings two days in advance.

You've Hired Us...sort of

If we are your agent, we are your agent.  Due to California law, if you are shown a home by any other agent other than us (open houses excepted) then that person is your agent and you have relinquished any right to be represented by us.  If you wish to work with multiple agents in this way, please advise us so that we may gracefully bow out.  

Once a real estate agent enters the home on the MLS, any agent in California has access to and the right to sell it to their buyer.  That's called broker cooperation, which started in the 90s.  We all have access to all the same homes.

Using Our Site

You are free to use our site or any site you like better.  When you are sending us a listing inquiry from another site, it is best to either send a link or send the address AND the MLS number.  Recent law changes say that every site must publish the MLS number now.

If you use our site - so much the better.  If you do, we review the listings that are sent to you each day and make suggestions on homes you may have missed.  As well we can monitor what you look at/save which enables us to send you listings that have not and will not appear on the internet that may interest you.  We can't do this if you use other sites, so we have to let you will be pretty much on your own should you elect to use them.  Know this:  all the data is the same.  We buy our data from the same place Zillow, Redfin,, etc. buy their data.  Ever wondered why the description of a home is identical on all the sites?  That's right - it only comes from one place, not because the listing agent typed it into a hundred different sites!

Know that the sites not run by real estate agents (the national sites) tend to have less accurate information.  Their goal is to keep you on the site as long as possible (clickbait) so there are often homes that have already gone under contract or sold on those sites.  Our goal is to find you a home, and we don’t want to waste your time our ours with inquiries about homes that have already sold.  We’re not in the business of keeping you on the site, we’re in the business of securing you a place to live.

On most sites, take the walkability, school scores, school locations where your child may go with a grain of salt.  Most sites don’t update that information at all.  It is best to contact the school district about schools, and judge walkability yourself.  Cruise the neighborhood!


We must have a copy of your pre-approval as soon as possible.  Most buyers do not know that who wrote your pre-approval and exactly what it says has a big determination as to whether your offer is accepted or put on the bottom of the pile.  Our job is to get you a home – this is part of that job.  If your pre-approval is outdated (over 90 days) or from an online lender, or from someone none of the listing agents have ever heard of – we need to talk about that.  Please send us a copy of your pre-approval along with bank/portfolio statements that show you have the down payment PLUS 2% of the purchase price at your disposal.  Screenshots with balances are fine, but they must have your name as the account owner on them.  All offers require both a pre-approval (which often can take a week to get) and proof of funds.  Offers without these components will be rejected by the listing agents.  Please do not get caught finding the perfect home and watching someone else offer on it as you are not in a position to do so.


Order of business:  We see the home.  We love it.  We request disclosures and both of us review them.  We determine likely sale price.  We write up offer, sign and send.  Offers can be complicated...theres' more info here.