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There is no way to avoid buying in a seller's market.  Wait, let's put a caveat on that.  There is a seasonal way to do it, but overall - looking at the macro picture, we will always, always, always be in a seller's market in California.   To recap a stat from a previous video:  we are nearly 3 million homes short of what we need in California.  We need to build all those AND build the 180,000 new homes we need each year.  That means to clear the backlog of homes we need but are not yet built AND to keep up with demand, we would need to build 783,000 per home each year for the next five years.  We usually build about 80,000.  So until there is a massive outmigration - and I mean MASSIVE, we will be in a seller's market.  Here's the good news:  you only care about that once - and that is on the first purchase.  On every subsequent purchase you will be buying in a seller's market but you will also be selling in a seller's market. 

But let's look at this on a micro scale - there are times of the year that it is cheaper to buy a home.  Near the end of each selling season and the months between the selling seasons is when prices are most favorable to buyers.  Selling seasons in the Bay Area usually run from February to May and then again from September through November.  Hit the end of those season and/or intervening months and you'll do better.  That said, there will be fewer homes to choose from as well.  The great ones that are priced well will have sold.  What are leftover are usually homes with problems or were overpriced.  Typically we identify those homes for our buyers and are especially attracted to the homes that were overpriced.  Even if they came off the market unsold, we will pursue them for you as the seller is usually disappointed and exhausted.  Once you become a client, we'll pursue homes that have price reductions, homes that are suspiciously overpriced, homes that have been on the market too long, private listings for you, and even fixer homes if you would like - you'll do fine.