It’s all so overwhelming at first... 

Sure, the first thing you do is look online at houses and dream.  And that part is pretty easy.  And then, then the reality sets in – OMG we’re buying a house!  And one-by-one, these demons tend to show up: 

  1. We’ll never be able to afford it.
  2. It will be a money pit.
  3. We’ll make a mistake.
  4. We’ll never get financed.
  5. There will be so many things wrong with the house.
  6. We’ll overpay.
  7. There will be too much competition and we’ll never get a house.

Stop it.  You’re making these things up.  They are the typical result of some fear heading into the unknown.

  1. You will be able to afford it.  We’ll find something that doesn’t turn your house into a financial prison.
  2. It won’t be a money pit – we’ll find out exactly what is wrong with the house before you buy it.  If it’s a money pit, we’ll skip it.
  3. You won’t make a mistake.  Every time we’ve bought a house, we knew it was right – it’s subconscious, and it just feels right.  Because it is.
  4. You will get financed.  We have lenders for every financial situation.  It’s up to us to match you with the right one.
  5. There will be lots of things wrong with the home!  No, there won’t be.  We’ll ask to get them fixed or get a credit to fix them.
  6. You won’t overpay.  First, the lender won’t let you, and second, we verify the price of similar homes that sold recently nearby.
  7. There will be competition.  It’s good to buy right now and you’re not the only ones who know that.  We’ll figure out what it will take to get the home – that’s our job.

And yes, it is overwhelming.  But rest assured, we’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of people such as yourself through this. 

We take this one bite at a time.  And so should you.