Property Statuses

Not all of these statuses appear on all websites.  Most websites simply have ACTIVE and PENDING and usually assign all "contingent" statuses to PENDING.  If you see a listing on our site that is "pending" it's a good idea to at least ask about it so that we can determine if it can still be shown.

ACTIVE - actively showing.  Caveat: it could be under contract in that the seller signed (ratified) a contract but the earnest money deposit (usually due in two or three days after ratification) has not yet been received.  Agents usually do notupdate the listing status until a deposit has been received on a ratified contract.

CONTINGENT - SHOW - there is a contract on it, a deposit has been received, but the seller has requested that the property continue to be shown in case the deal falls through on on one of its contingencies such as loan or inspection.

CONTINGENT - NO SHOW - this means that there is a contract on it and the seller has requested that no further showings be allowed. This status is usually afforded to contracts that have minimal contingencies and look very much like they will close without a problem.

PENDING - this status means that all contingencies in the contract, such as loan and inspection, have been cleared. The likelihood of these transactions closing is very high

EXPIRED – this property was on the market for a period of time and the listing agreement expired without a sale occurring.

CLOSED - property has sold and title has been transferred.

CANCELLED/WITHDRAWN - the seller decided to remove the property from the marke

COMING SOON – this status means the listing agreement has been signed but the property is not active on the market yet. That said, sometimes they are available for showing.