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% of List Price Received by District

Some homes in SF go for more than list price.  This is a bit of an illusion. 

For instance, in my neighborhood, homes go for about 25% over the list price.  Due to this, as real estate professionals, we have to figure the market value of homes in our neighborhood and then price them at a discount.   If we priced a $2.5m home at $2.5m in my neighborhood, all the agents would assume that the seller expected to receive about $3m.  Due to this, no one would come to see it and it would remain unsold.

This is, of course, not a solid and fast rule, and it varies even for neighborhoods within a District.  It is good, however, to keep this percentage in mind when looking at homes in your favorite district.  You Realtor will ultimately help you get to a strategic offer price.

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