1. Temperature set to a comfy 70-72 degrees. Shades/curtains open. All lights on. We will leave it this way upon exiting.
  2. Everything is decluttered.  Sadly, we have to live very cleanly during this period.
  3. It is best if all sellers are gone. The liability that comes from what can be said during a seller/buyer meeting is not inconsequential. In addition, the buyers are usually very uncomfortable around sellers. They want to speak freely, and not feel rushed or that they are infringing on someone’s time. Usually, 20 minutes before the scheduled time and one hour after is sufficient.  Remember, the showing block scheduled is not exactly when they will be there, but a window.
  4. Unless vacant, the home will be set up on “Showing Time” software. The software will text all of us when a private (i.e. not an Open House) showing is to occur. ALL of us will have to confirm the showing before it will transmit a confirmation to the buyer agent.
  5. People will not be allowed to book a private showing for the same day – they must book it the day before.  We will be at private showings if we can, but usually the buyer agent accesses the lockbox and shows the home.  It is much better to have more showings than ones that fit into your schedule, our schedule, the other agents' schedule and the clients' schedule - that can turn in to a nightmare that gets no showings.
  6. To not make this too cataclysmic for you, we usually agree on a few days during the week the home can be shown.  Weekends are usually limited to open houses only.
  7. We will hold a broker tour on one weekday for the first two weeks that the home is on the market. The Realtor Association of the region tells us the date/time we may do this for each neighborhood in their region.  See important dates on your Progress Sheet - those dates/times will appear there.
  8. First open house – see Important Dates. Please clear the home one-half hour before and plan to return about one half hour after the scheduled time.

If the home is vacant, we usually allow agents to "go direct."  The lockbox records their coming and going and we follow up with them.  In this case, no appointments are necessary and they can go without prior reservation.