Selling Your Home? 

Selling your home is all about knowing the local housing market. Pricing your home correctly is crucial to maximizing the highest selling price possible. As area experts, we can help determine what direction the market is trending, so you can make the right choices when it comes to selling your home to get the highest price possible!

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Accurate pricing is key to get as many people as possible to tour and make offers on your home, especially when you first list your home.  There’s a current pool of buyers waiting for new listings to hit the market, which is why accurate pricing and staging your home properly is crucial.  

Things to Think About When Selling Your Home
Once we’ve determined the price, we can give you advice about the little things that you can do to stage your home to get you the highest possible price! You’d be surprised by the simple measures you can take to dress up your home to attract more qualified buyers.

We have a marketing plan that is designed to get maximum exposure to the buyers that are currently looking, and all agents that have buyers.  Through pricing, staging, agent accessibility, and visibility, both on and offline, we can successfully sell your home to help you achieve your goals. 

We Look Out for YOU!
All sellers seem to be concerned about the same handful of things.  Will I sell it too low?  No.  The reason we know this is that it is our job to get the right numbers AND the right people in to see your house.  Gauging the interest and fielding multiple offers is the mainstay of our business.  By marketing your property to the right niche, we will obtain the maximum bids your property can carry.  How will the market respond to my home?  Splendidly - we will work tightly with you to overcome any difficulties the property may present and present it in the best light - they're going to love it.  What if the buyer bails or can't move forward?  We'll ensure that the offer has a substantive deposit with it, which reduces this likelihood.  In addition, we won't indicate your property is sold to any interested party until after that deposit is made.  What if the inspections find something?  They likely won't - we'll do one of our own so that there are no surprises.  What if we get lots of showings but no offers?  That doesn't happen if the property is priced right, and strategic pricing is one of our specialties.

Curious about what’s happening in your neighborhood? You can create a custom market report to see what’s active, under contract, and sold in your neighborhood! 

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